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CRD4 team has prepared for you an absolute novelty in monitoring operation of the airplane. It complements the existing FDR interface for monitoring temperatures between M601 engine turbines. This FDR becomes your source of all relevant information on the operation and compliance with safety limits in operation. Custom software "analysis" is designed for monitoring and analysis of achieving and exceeding the preset parameters of the flight or running engines.
The device is suitable for all airplanes with engines M601 and installing FDR 59BL. Conversion kit with interface connects to your existing installation and does not require major intervention into existing aircraft wiring.
Practical presentation and evaluation functions using the user software "analysis" on your aircraft is made on request free of charge.
Program presentations:
-Check the current calibration FDR (30 min)
-installation in aircraft (3 hours)
-parameter calibration using software PANDA (30min)
-course testing on an airplane or engine test flight
 presentations and practical evaluation of motor parameters by the user software. "ANALYSIS" (TRQ; ITT, Ng, Nv)
-removal device and placing the aircraft to its original state (2h)

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