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03/03/2017 09:56

8,33kHz installation and measurement

To overcome aviation radio frequency congestion across Europe, more channels are needed. By moving to 8.33 kHz channel spacing, three times the number of channels can be created within the VHF band.
03/03/2017 09:21


Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast We provide installation, measurement, inspection, repair, ADS-B SYSTEMS       GTX345/345R, GTX335/335R, GDL8-DATA LINK ADS-B, GTX3000
11/11/2016 13:14

update test equipment

TR-36 - NAV/COMM/VOR/ILS/LOC/GS/MB/ELT tester TR-220 - Transponder A,C,S mode, T-CAS I and II, DME, ADS-B Z 8001 - testing equipment DPST3500M - pitot/static tester PTS-131 - pitot/static tester AVT-11 -  tester VOR/ILS/DME/ADF-NDB/XPDR  ARINC Rx/Tx -...
19/09/2014 01:35

EFIS D-100/120 and EFIS D-1000 system

Akcelerce business opportunities of Czech Sport Aircraft company inspires us to many ideas to change the small aircraft avionics systems. On topics Dynon D-100/120 EFIS series and modern Dynon D1000 provide training and familiarization in Italy and in Czech Aeroclub. System Options D-1000 evolved...
01/08/2013 01:15

PS-28 Cruiser crash and cooperation with the office of investigation of Czech Republic

our activities interrupted contract and close cooperation with the Office of accident investigation of Czech republic. It is the examination of the causes of accidents PS-28 Cruiser during a test flight. Our installed equipment SPEEL 39T very reliably captured during the critical flight. Evaluation...
10/07/2013 00:00

Cessna 172 avionics system

Cessna 172 avionics system was upgraded successfully. New NF Garmin GMA 340 and GNS 430 NAV/COM/GPS devices increased the value utility of the properties of the aircraft. During the rebuilding had to be upgraded and aircraft electrical network and other peripherals. Photo rejuvenation process of...
06/05/2013 14:51

First Garmin COM radio 8,33Khz installed

For users LSA aircraft category, we installed a new product  Garmin company. Radio meet the new EASA regulations, and lets you change the bandwidth from 25 kHz to 8.88 kHz      
16/04/2013 13:01

GTN 750...

Second installation  NAV / COM / GPS device GTN750 succeed. 
16/04/2013 12:56

reconstruction of the old COM KX 125 radios to a new type Garmin GTNxxx

The first order for the reconstruction of the old COM KX 125 radios to a new type Garmin GTNxxx was developed together with the aircraft avionics upgrade Cesna 172nd We observe a new trend Garmin devices.
11/03/2013 10:18

Upgrade COM radio .....

Under the new EASA Regulation will come into force resolution channels 8KHz. We have implemented the first installation of the device. We are ready to upgrade your old NAV or NAV/COM na  GNC255 and GTR225. 

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