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11/03/2013 10:10

Installation of TCAS, EGPWS and more ...

  More customers are asking to upgrade L-410 avionics. We offer customers of assistance in designing and engineering the entire reconstruction. Your plan will become best effectivity. Get an overview of the main system TCAS installation as well as the necessary renovations peripherals...
13/02/2013 09:41

Airframe structure stress monitoring

Ve spolupráci s výrobcem letecké elektroniky jsme aplikovali jednotku pro monitorování struktury draku. Uživatelsky velmi konfortní obsluha a cenná data o charakteru provozu. Ideální pomocník pro letecké školy, pujčovny a leasingové operátory.
29/01/2013 09:48


  CRD4 team has prepared for you an absolute novelty in monitoring operation of the airplane. It complements the existing FDR interface for monitoring temperatures between M601 engine turbines. This FDR becomes your source of all relevant information on the operation and compliance with...
16/01/2013 08:21

Our old Russian equipment repairs are successful

Our old Russian equipment repairs are successful. Correction technology PU-25 and BSPI, ZBN-1, MLP-23 was perfected. We use a very modern and high quality replacement parts.
03/01/2013 21:33

Installation of remote controlled heating

International customer we spoke to the New Year with independent remote controlled buildings for heating his plane. After installation you will be informed about the functionality of the device, which will put a great emphasis on efficiency and minimize power consumption
19/12/2012 07:02


At the request of a foreign customer SCEL we launched a new project called- more than others.                                                         
05/12/2012 10:27

System monitoring aircraft and crew activities "ANALYSIS"

    The newly released software for the analysis and evaluation of flight "analysis" of data enables rapid evaluation of flight using FDR 59BL. User input limits the operating parameters and their compliance used by many operators to evaluate the activities of crew or ground...
04/12/2012 19:39


We have recently introduced a correction of the blocks of the repairs BUR. Blocks PU-25, BSPI, MLP and ZBN. Repairs are carried out on a special stend that allows us to their consistent performance full control.

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